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GP Sport’s Sponsorship Services

Sponsorship Services are based on 4 Key Sponsorship Cycle Phases

1. Strategy

  • Sponsorship Strategy Development
  • Property Search & Selection Models

2. Insight & Ideas

  • Target Market Insights
  • Marketplace & Competitive Analysis

3. Develop & Deployment

  • Valuation Service
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Ideation, Activation, Inspiration

4. Evaluation, Education & Exit

  • Complete Sponsorship Evaluation Tools
  • Sponsorship Training Workshops
  • Sponsorship Manuals
  • Best Practice Exit Strategies

Additionally we also offer the following services:

Complete Outsourcing

  • Let Us Become Your Complete Sponsorship Department

Rightshoulder Services

  • Proposal Build & Review
  • Valuation Service

Hot Wheels

GP Sports Management is proud to have represented the Hot Wheels brand since 2010. Hot Wheels use our experience and contacts within motorsports to help achieve their marketing objectives more rapidly and cost effectively. We are also tasked with being on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities for Hot Wheels to continue their tradition of providing “thrilling vehicle experiences for boys of all ages!”





Induct’s first commercial product is the driverless 8 passenger “robot” shuttle called Cybergo. INDUCT is a high tech company that, in its seven years of trading, has built up huge experience with automotive and systems robotics through a series of innovative research projects. Today, the company works primarily with urban mobility solutions and electric autonomous vehicles. Established in 2004 and specializing in geo-localization systems, the French company INDUCT has perfected vehicles that make such use of on-board technology that they are able to move around safely without human intervention. The Cybergo vehicle is steered using laser sensors and a range of technology designed to replace the human eye. It is able to detect its positioning, avoid obstacles and guides its own trajectory. Electric, the vehicle is recharged by induction – using magnetic fields, no cables and no human intervention – and can run 24 hours a day. With zero emissions, it’s also very environmentally friendly.

GP Sports Management is the sales and marketing agent in the US market. The Cybergo shuttle is an electric, emission free vehicle that is designed to complement existing transportation systems. It is perfect to operate in pedestrian areas such as campuses, business parks, shopping malls, resorts, airports, etc. For more information, please visit





GREENi is to be one of the world largest golf medias capturing the attention of millions of golf fans across the globe. The golf courses, golf tournaments, golfers and golf fans can utilize the unique technologies created by Viherio Technologies Ltd., the company behind GREENi Golf. GREENi enables the world’s largest golf audience to use the media which is ubiquitous, instant and relates to golfing as it happens – showcased, for example, at European Tour events.

With the help GPSE, the new partnership was created between GREENi and PLGi Ltd during spring 2012. GPSE, Steve Schindler, manager of European Tour Professional Peter Lawrie brought together several partners from different parts of the golf business to set-up new marketing and sales company “Peter Lawrie GREENi” (PLGi) to support GREENi on its way to a global golf brand.

“We felt that GPSE is well positioned in the golf market, therefore it was a very easy decision to start and close the negotiations in the spring 2012. It is about a strategic partnership and understanding everyone’s best assets”, says CEO Mika Berg from GREENi. “GPSE brings in the knowledge and networks, especially those important for bringing GREENi and PLGi to the world of professional golf. We expect the innovativeness of GREENi and expertise of GPSE creating something very spectacular in forthcoming years.”



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    Scotsman awarded Segrave Trophy for second time

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    Reigning FIA World Endurance Champion Allan McNish will be an integral  part of the BBC’s F1 team for 2014 as co-commentator for Radio 5 live and expert analyst across TV, radio and online. Read More

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